"It's a MUST-READ book. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down until I was done. It's an amazing true story about relationships and commitment, hope and patience."  Leonid

“Wow- It’s powerful, riveting, tearful, and inspiring.
Few stories have so much perseverance over difficulties, equaled only by surmounting Hope. It's consuming. I was lost in time and I couldn't put it down till I finished. When I closed the last chapter, it was 2 AM.”
Jill Lublin,Three time Best-Selling Author & International Speaker

Marty Vargas

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"Dynamite! A touching story that is profound. A story that proves how love and patience can be very powerful. Put tears in my eyes. You won't regret buying this story." - Hector Lucerne

"This book is a true story, which I have heard long time ago along with a crowd of about 200 people - we couldn't stop sobbing. It was such a moving story.
It will inspire you and change your life forever.
I am so happy it was published so more people can hear it and be blessed by it.
Agnieszka/Aga Gonzalez

"Trust me ... you'll come away with a better appreciation for people, patience and the power of the human spirit." Michelle Pine, Esq.

The Dry Cleaners bought my Book:The thought came to me to hand out brochures about my book. I went to the dry cleaners & the young man behind the counter asked, "Are you picking up?"
I responded, "No, I'm dropping off."
I put the brochure of my book on the counter. At that very moment the other young man working there saw the brochure and almost came out of his shoes. He jumped up with wide opened eyes and said with great enthusiasm, "I read this book, that is a great Book!"
"You're famous, can I have your autograph?!!"
Then he told his friend, "This book will make you cry!!"
I signed the brochure with a big marker he gave me.
I was so delighted to see someone who I didn't advertise to, get my book and was touched so deeply.

"The story is Fantastic. Inspiring, This story gives me hope ..."  Yvonne

A Place For


Marty Vargas Show

"I could not put the book down. Marty you did a great job writing this book . You did not leave out one detail, and I know that everything you wrote was true, because I knew your Mother, Aunt Peggy and the whole Vargas family. The Vargas family had to be one of the nicest families in the world. kind, loving and very caring. I remember the day that Aunt Wilma told me about you coming to live with them. You were a very nice boy who grew up to be a very caring and compassion young man. What you have done for your Mother was fantastic and will never be forgotten. God bless you" Dotty Schaffer

"Oh what marvelous love ... the power of love cannot be understood. Rachel's story takes you through an emotional roller coaster like no other I have ever read. Its a story that must be told because it compels us to deeply and seriously introspect ourselves as human being." Dianna Booker

How I Found My Homeless Mom and How it Changed My life