Homeless Mother Found

Marty Vargas Show

How I Found My Homeless Mom and How it Changed My Life

A Place for You

A Place for You

See an Amazing True documentary

of a Young man's life changing encounter with a Homeless Woman.

Aired Already on PBS Affiliate/WHUT Washington D.C.

Jan. 20th 7PM, Jan. 21st. 1AM & Jan. 24th 12 Noon 2015

Local Channel: 32 Washington DC/Baltimore

Comcast Ch. 32 & 19

Verizon: Channel 32 local, DT. 470.

Dish Network: Channel 32 – Dish 8081

Buy the Book: Amazon.com search: “A Place for You by Marty Vargas”

Available February 10th.

For More Information call: 1-631-935-3995 aplaceofyourmedia@yahoo.com