Homeless Mom Found

How I Found my Homeless Mom and How it changed my life

Marty Vargas - Documentarian

A Place for You

Responses of those who have seen the 1/2 & hour long documentary

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Marty Vargas Show

In 10 seconds a woman started to cry.
I met an elderly couple in the Hilton hotel elevator who I shared an invitation to see the story about my mother. Unknown to me, she shared it with a friend at a restaurant. When I entered the restaurant the elderly lady's friend called me to her table, “Are you Marty?” In amazement she pointed to the brochure, “This is you right?” “Yes”, I responded. In 10 seconds of telling her my story, her eyes filled with tears. “You're making me cry. This is amazing.” She tried push back her tears with her fingers as she continued, “I can't believe it! I can't believe it! God bless you”, she said repeatedly. I'm going to buy the book.

You're Making me Cry:

Another walking down the street, whom I had a brochure to said, “You're making me cry.”In Silver Springs, MD. I decided since I only have one TV broadcast left of my Mom's story, I would give out brochures in the street. A Caucasian woman with curly hair, looked at me and said, “I saw this, Tuesday night on TV.” “Yes, that's my story.” I responded. She looked at me and back at the brochure, again, and again, “It made me cry, I was just crying, and crying when I watched it”, she said.

It was very moving:

"It was a very nice surprise meeting you today by chance  ... I watched your documentary 'A Place For You' last night on WHUT (PBS channel 32 on Verizon FIOS).   It was very moving.... Maybe this film can be an inspiration for all of those who have loved ones living in similar conditions."Shopper Silver Springs, MD

Even a Mom's Boys were moved - Mother writes:
What a warning, inspiring, empowering story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. We, including my two boys, were deeply blessed by it. 
Praying for you, ....  Many blessings, SK

Student wrote:

"The documentary was very moving. As someone with privilege, it can be easy to be ignorant to the struggles of the less fortunate. The documentary provoked me to think more about those who live on the street, and the power of love." - Student, Washington, DC.

“Inspired, moved by Marty's love, and effective work to help his mom.” F.B. DC.

“Personally, Painful, impacted.” D.C., Wash. DC.

“It is sad that people would say, 'its not my job'” W.W. DC.

“Marty's documentary had motivated me to believe I can make my dream of making people win a reality.” L.S. MD.

“The Documentary reminded me that every person matters and all of our stories has the ability to inspire and enlighten.” L.L., MD.

"Inspired me to have compassion on those around me. We are a few paychecks away from homelessness.” S.S., DC.

“It makes me think of how hard it is for the homeless and their family.” D.D.C. MD.

“It touched my heart, because I'm dealing with my son being on the street.” SM. MD.

Iit has given me a further understanding of the homeless.” A.L., MD.

An awarding winning Camera person, who is a Broadcast journalist, at one of the major stations wrote, “I thought about what it means to not give up. I applaud [him] for helping [his] mother.”

“Inspiring, its so amazing how after all that time she didn't give up...” W.T.

“Very moving! Congratulations.” M.A.

“I feel a great deal of compassion and sorrow … I learned not to be judgmental of these people.” J.L.

“The documentary was extremely emotional...” Z.E.

“Beautifully and poignantly portrayed.” C.C.

“I thought is was very good.” M.M.

“Felt moved, happy, sad, cried.  It was a very warm, touching film.” M.M.

“I was very moved.  It was a beautiful documentary.” G.W.

“It touched me deeply and .. had an impact on my life .. because I was raped and find it hard to accept people close to me.”  …

“Wow, what a heart wrenching story...This documentary should be shown to every child. This is reality.” J.M.

“It was very touching.”  B.H.

“Very touching, I feel that the people on the streets shouldn't be ignored.” Anonymous.

“I think this was the best documentary. I will never forget. I cried all the way to the end.” L.A.

“The documentary was very sad and made me feel how people have a very big heart.” K.F.

“I grew up and still live steps from the Italian market and remember Rachel. … I often wondered through the years what became of her. When I saw the news this morning mentioning this documentary, I just had to see it.” F.B.

“I could only cry and thank God for people like Mr. Marty; that made this documentary happen.” T.A.

One woman crying wrote: “I don't think I ever actually thought about their families and how they might be searching, hoping, hurting  This documentary had re-inspired my heart to help. Thank  you.”  V.M

“I enjoyed the documentary very much and thought that it opened my eyes to the … reality of homeless. I could tell how much hard work went into the making of the documentary.” J.L.

“This should be both a movie and a book.” D. R.

“I thought it was very touching … It was great.” C.M.

“It was touching.” C.B.

“It was very good! The story must be told to everyone. Keep up the good work ...” F.A.

“Excellent, grew up on Broad and Federal, knew your mom, since I was a child … P.Z. Esq.

“I was amazed by how much goes down in one's life. When you see a man/woman on the street you never think that hey have such a story. I thought it was great. A true, amazing story.” J.B.

“How amazing … to be able to create this moving documentary.” P.B.

“Shocked. I always thought people on the street were mentally ill. This movie was enlightening about the issue of homelessness by placing a face to the issue.” D.H.

“I loved it! It made me cry at the end, actually my eyes were teary all through the movie.” S.R.

“It was moving, and I appreciate that you have presented this real life documentary.” L.M.

“Terrific.” M.P.  “Excellent” M.H.

“This made me think how I can sometime be very mean to homeless people.  I have a new outlook and found respect for 'all' people.” E.W.

“This documentary was very inspirational and opened my eyes up a lot to those in need on the streets and allowed me to see that you can easily lose everything at anytime. Always good to appreciate what
you have.” A.W.

“It was eye opening. Living in the city each day and passing 'bums', I never really thought too much about them. I needed to hear a story to really make me realize I can do something and help those people. I want to research and learn more about Philly's history and ways I can help.” M.S.

“Break my heart – the wonderful love of [a] genuine son is an inspiration for the young. How to love   people no mater who they are.” A.S.

“It is an incredible history about love respect for you parent no matter what their situation.” S.C.

“I will see them differently and treat them with respect.” N.D.

“It was eye opening to think of the homeless person as coming from a family and a history such as she had. You walk by the homeless people every day and are taught to ignore them. They pass in and out of your life in the blink of an eye so you make the mistake of thinking they only exist in that moment. This story helped me realize the error of my ways.” D.K.

“The DVD was excellent, your story was touching, special, heart warming, I cried. Everything, the people, the filming process, story line, excellent!) C.C.

“Wonderful moving!” F.M.

“My brother is homeless. I want to help him.” L.A.

“I was so impressed that [He] preserved to give his mother a loving home.  [He] is an inspiration to all of us. It made me sensitive to the fact that homeless people are lost and hurt and need love and care.” CM.